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In sexual arousal, body and mind are inseparable. Actions at the level of the mind causing a change in the body and vice versa. Under the effect of emotions, the brain creates hormones specific to pleasure and sexual arousal.

So, you have to be careful that

The girl is relaxed, thinking only of the present moment. It must forget all stressful factors such as work so that his brain can leave room for emotions. The girl is rested to be psychologically more receptive to sexual arousal. The girl did not take any alcohol or tobacco product. The environment in which the interaction takes place allows the girl to let herself go. It is therefore important to know how to use a woman’s body to create her own reactions to excitement. Even if the female excitement has a “mechanical” component, because certain stimulations can provoke the excitation directly, the women are not machines. Fatigue, day-to-day concerns, stress, grief, shame, anger, partner’s inability and many other factors can compromise or even suppress sexual arousal.

The clitoris in the centre of the excitement

Thanks to the influx of blood, the clitoris enters erection: its head widens, lengthens and becomes more and more sensitive. It’s not that matters! As the vagina is only 12cm long on average, a penis does not need to have a long length chat sex to fulfil its function, especially as being too large it can cause pain. For the pleasure of women, it is indeed better to have a partner with a wide limb, allowing better stimulation of the vaginal walls. This may explain the poorly rational or uninhibited behaviours sometimes adopted during moments of excitement, such as unprotected sex or unexpected activities that the woman would never have imagined off excitement.

Fatigue, daily concerns, stress, grief, shame, anger and so else. She is waiting for one thing is that you jump on it!

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